About us


IEM Engineering and planning Ltd

is one of the oldest engineering, consulting and planning companies in Slovenia. It was founded in the year 1990 by Mr. Bogdan Meglič after 15 years of experience in the field of big industrial projects. At the beginning IEM was specialized in industrial size Cogeneration (CHP) and other energy projects.
Later the company grew, not only by the number of employees but also by adding different fields of expertise. So today we cover a wide range of engineering areas with a lot of References.

What can we do?

IEM's team is not only a professional expertise, it also relates to a developed own database of intellectual property. Both help our customers in configuring their own products and resolving integration and optimization dilemmas. In addition, cooperation with domestic and foreign partners enables us to provide the most appropriate possible solutions.


IEM carries out design and engineering services with the help of engineering teams and a network of global equipment and service providers. We respect the principle of the company to act independently and non-priority to any provider. The areas of the technologies we cover enable us to integrate various expertise and skills, there and when you need them.

Investment advice

How can your business save money and do business even more efficiently? What kind of process improvement should the company invest in? Which of the equipment options yields the highest return and who are the right suppliers? We answer these questions.

What can we do?

In IEM we are not only experts in the field of technology, we provide services with a team that combines financial and engineering knowledge to solve any investment task ranging from conceptual assessments of investments and feasibility studies to investment programs and turnkey projects.


IEM carries out investment advice with a team of experienced engineers, MBAs and economists. We use specially developed software models and complex simulations of operation in conjunction with our own knowledge base and a network of equipment and service providers.