We are able to use knowledge and experience gained thru years of work in all stages of project design. Using this Know-how with advanced designing techniques is what makes advanced design. That means they implement optimal engineering solutions for the customer and excellent design documentation for contractors during project erection. We also very much understand how As Built documentation is important so we use advanced techniques to enable customer to use it with simple software based interface.

Designing in 3D with database support is a standard in IEM for a long time. Combined with expiriance and company Know-How makes our Designs advanced regardless the phase of the project.


In every investment it is crucial to have a big picture and wide range of engineering knowledge. Profitability of the project is dependable on right guideline from early stages of design. Regardless that most of the investment economics is decided at the beginning of the project it is important to be aware of all the details and hidden problems that may follow in later stages of the design. This also means opportunity to make better designs and therefore reliable investment.

IEM covers Investment Consulting and creating documentation for Tender Invitations, Investment Plans, Subsidy documentation and similar projects. We have more than 20 years of experience in this field with lot of satisfied customers which proves that we are able to reliably assess investment thru the engineering and investors point of view.


IEM has the experience and capacity to perform turnkey installations for the complete scope of the project including erection, commissioning, project management and construction. Our company has extensive experience staffing and completing small and large scale construction projects.

Consulting is part of the design where experience and wide knowledge base is required. IEM has it all that is why we were hired with request for independent, comprehensive and expert consulting on our fields of work.


As part of the project we offer supervision of project designs and supervision of work. Since design and erection expertise are crucial to lead supervision or coordination at any stage of the project you can rely on us to offer best available staff for the job.


Designing complex power and process systems often includes pressure equipment and systems. We have developed extensive know-how on pressure system and hi-temperature designs. Both are supported with the High End software packages that also enables us to design combination complex of hi pressure and hi temperature systems as a whole which can essentially influence the design quality. Benefits of software design and expert engineering knowledge is a warranty for reliable designs.